Find the best drugs for treating your dog’s lymphoma BEFORE treatment begins

We are the only company that uses artificial intelligence and comprehensive analysis of your dog's live cancer cells to make personalized drug response predictions.

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A woman gently holding her dog's head with both hands. The dog has 92% likelihood of positive response to drug A if he goes through a chemotherapy treatment for its lymphoma
Personalized Prediction Profile provides detailed information about your dog's cancer cells and predictions on response to anticancer drugs

With ImpriMed, you and your veterinarian can make the best cancer treatment decisions just for your dog

We measure how your dog's live cancer cells respond to different anticancer drugs. Then we use artificial intelligence (AI) to combine these measurements with other biological information to predict which drugs are most likely to be effective for your dog's lymphoma or leukemia.

Simple & efficient

Avoid treatment options that may not work

By steering clear of treatment options that may not work for your dog, we may help you save time and money in your treatment journey. This smart, innovative approach is available for your dog today with ImpriMed.

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With ImpriMed, a cancer patient can reach remission much quicker

Cancer care BACKED BY
our unique SCIENCE

Live cancer cells meet artificial intelligence

We test the effectiveness of anticancer therapy drugs on your dog’s own cancer cells. Instead of choosing a treatment based on your dog’s genetic mutations, we test your dog’s living cancer cells directly to measure their specific response to each drug.

By combining this truly personalized science with artificial intelligence, we can predict how effective various chemotherapies would be in battling your dog’s cancer. We take the guesswork out of drug choice, so you can avoid wasting precious time.

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How it works

we are with you from day 1

From the moment of your dog’s diagnosis, we become your partner for the entire treatment journey.

1. Tumor sample collection

Your veterinarian collects and sends a sample of your dog’s tumor and blood via overnight shipping.

2. Testing and drug response prediction

We directly test your dog’s live cancer cells against various anticancer therapy drugs. You get a report in 3-7 days.

3. Treatment plan personalization

Together, you and your vet decide on the best treatment options for your dog.


We know your
dog's lymphoma inside out

We know each dog is one of a kind.
And so is their cancer.

When your dog has lymphoma, time is of the essence. You need to know as quickly as possible what treatments are available and how well they’ll work. By combining cutting-edge lab testing with artificial intelligence, we can predict how effective anticancer drugs will be in fighting your dog’s cancer.

A girl gently holding her dog with closed eyes
Personalized medicine for your best friend

Like people, not all dogs respond the same way to an anticancer drug. That’s why we provide you with true precision medicine. By analyzing your dog's live cancer cells with the most powerful biotechnologies available, we provide you with predictions that apply specifically to the patient at hand.

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Benefits of Our service

Why ImpriMed?

Time-saving information

Save your dog’s precious time with our AI-driven chemo response predictions

Efficient treatment

Choosing the right drug for your pet off the bat will save treatment costs

Cutting-edge technology

Backed with clinically proven results that are peer-reviewed and published in scientific journals


Pet Parents Love ImpriMed

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Request A Personalized Prediction Profile

ImpriMed’s services are only available through your veterinarian since biological samples are required from your pet. Talk to your veterinarian today about our services, and whether the ImpriMed Personalized Prediction Profile is right for your dog.

Together, we’ll get a head start on fighting the cancer and ensure you have all the information you need to make the best decisions as quickly as possible.

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