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Frequently asked questions

For Pet Parents

What major services does ImpriMed offer?

ImpriMed offers personalized medicine services that help veterinary oncologists to diagnose and treat canine lymphoma or leukemia.
There are 4 levels of service:

  • Personalized Prediction Profile: The Personalized Prediction Profile is a report that helps your oncologist to pick the best cancer treatment options for your pet.  The report predicts how well your pet will respond to different anticancer drugs.  The predictions are based on ImpriMed's anticancer drug testing technology and artificial intelligence software.  Our drug testing technology measures how your pet's live cells respond to anticancer drugs.
  • Immunoprofile: Canine lymphoma is a diverse disease with variable prognoses. The identification of an Immunoprofile is important to predict tumor behavior for the routine clinical management of patients. ImpriMed uses flow cytometry and PCR for Antigen Receptor Rearrangements (PARR) to gain insight into tumor type and helps your oncologist to tailor your dog’s treatment.
  • Flow cytometry
  • PARR

Why do oncologists recommend ImpriMed services?

When your pet has cancer, time is of the essence. But each cancer and each pet is different, so finding the right anticancer drug can be a slow and difficult process. ImpriMed helps oncologists find a therapy tailored to your individual pet with fewer difficulties, enabling you to reduce the amount of time that your pet is suffering and to find a treatment that could help your pet to live longer.

For which cancers can I order ImpriMed services?

We currently offer our services for dogs with blood cancers such as lymphoma and leukemia.

How do ImpriMed services work?

Your doctor will collect a sample of your dog’s tumor and ship it to our state-of-the-art lab. On receipt at our lab, we process the sample and test your dog’s cancer cells to find the precise type of cancer, and if the drug response prediction is ordered, we next test against a panel of drugs that are selected by your veterinarian. Within 7 days we send a personalized report to your vet, so you and your vet can see the drugs that work best for your dog.

Is sample collection invasive?

All samples for ImpriMed services are collected in a safe and humane manner. Veterinary oncologists need to collect two samples, a fine needle aspiration (FNA) and a blood sample for lymphoma patients, and just a blood sample for leukemia patients. The FNA procedure withdraws a small number of cancer cells from your dog’s lymph nodes (tumor). It is commonly used and minimally invasive.

How can I request ImpriMed services?

Ordering services is easy. Our service can only be ordered by a veterinarian, so in order to try our service:

  • First, we need you to discuss our services with your veterinarian the next time you visit the hospital. Download a discussion guide here.
  • If the oncologist is willing to use our service, please instruct them to email us so that we can send the required supplies with more detailed information.
  • After our supplies and information are received, your doctor will set an appointment for your dog, collect a sample using our supplies, and send the sample to our lab.

Once your veterinarian is onboard with us, you can get started with ImpriMed.

What is the turnaround time?

The turnaround time for our services is 3-7 days from sample collection.

What are the prices for ImpriMed services?

The retail price for pet parents varies depending on the veterinarian.

What anticancer drugs can I get predictions for if my dog has lymphoma?

The Personalized Prediction Profile for canine blood cancer includes 13 drugs: Doxorubicin, Cyclophosphamide, Vincristine, Prednisone, Rabacfosadine (Tanovea®), L-Asparaginase, Lomustine, Vinblastine, Mitoxantrone, Mechlorethamine, Dexamethasone, Chlorambucil, and Melphalan.

I would like to donate my pet’s cancer cells to ImpriMed.

Donating cells to research is immensely helpful to ImpriMed. We gratefully accept cancer cells or tissue donations from canine and feline cancer patients. Each donation will help advance our cancer research in pets. We appreciate your willingness to contribute to science and research. Please email to get started.