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A girl is holding her dog, giving a kiss
The ImpriMed test helped us make treatment decisions with Dr. Choy. It was tremendously helpful for us. We would recommend ImpriMed to other pet parents. Veterinarians are experts in this field; we heavily relied on our Dr. Choy to make treatment decisions for Yoki. We are confident in the treatment Yoki is getting and are happy for the time we are getting to spend with him.

Denise L.

Yoki's Mom
I relied heavily on the oncologist for Louie’s treatment because there was so much to learn in such a brief period. I would recommend ImpriMed, but I wish we started it earlier in the hope of being able to have seen the more drug options closer to the diagnosis and get more positive outcomes earlier. 

Deena R.

Louie's Mom
Knowing the best drug to use after CHOP failed meant it saved a lot of time. Despite the side effects, Gabby is doing very well and is still in remission, the blood work is good and Gabby is eating well! Hang in there, that’s my advice. It is tough to hear the diagnosis, and tough to be positive, but so long as there is hope it gets easier, make sure you have a positive to hang on to.
Close up of Gabby, an English Bulldog, who received ImpriMed-aided chemotherapy

Donna L.

Gabby's Mom
Gucci seems to be stronger than ever. I trust Dr. Impellizeri always to do the best for Gucci. Her quality of life during treatment never decreased as they told me it would not. Today, Gucci is happy, going on her 4 walks daily and eating her occasional treat of 4 hamburgers! I am confident in the treatment Gucci received, and I am happy for the time I am getting to spend with her. 
Gucci, an English Bulldog, received ImpriMed's Personalized Prediction Profile to receive chemo treatment tailored to her.

Sheldon G.

Gucci's Dad
ImpriMed made us feel more confident in our choices, and gave us peace of mind. It’s been 6 months. We just had a check-up, and Ellie’s doing really well! The drugs make her hungry, but then again, she always did live to eat! … I’m so pleased this advancement is taking place. Having a solid tool to base decisions on is essential. We’ve been rescuing animals for 30 years, and it’s such a positive to see these innovations become available.
Close up of Ellie, a female chihuahua terrier mix, who received ImpriMed-aided chemotherapy

Sue H.

Ellie's Mom
When Skye was diagnosed with lymphoma I joined a group on Facebook, and someone told me about ImpriMed. It was helpful to know what we were dealing with, and which treatments would be his best bet. The data, the detail in the report, it was all very helpful…
Photo of Mary Ellen and Skye the dog together

Mary M.

Skye's Mom

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The study of new diagnostics and treatments for spontaneous cancer in pets has the potential to benefit our individual veterinary patients, animals with cancer as a whole, and, owing to their similarity, potentially shed new light into the diagnosis and therapy of human cancers as well. This is the basis of Comparative Oncology.
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Dr. Douglas Thamm

I think personalized medicine is the way of the future. Being able to say, this is the weak spot of your cancer, we’re going to exploit that and not give it any chance to come back? That’s the goal. If we can avoid drugs that don’t work, we should. If we can identify better working drugs, we should.
A profile image of Dr. Kevin Choy, Medical Oncology Consultant at ImpriMed, Inc.

Dr. Kevin Choy

I have been working with ImpriMed for 3 years now. The oncologists and oncology nurses in SAGE Dublin offer ImpriMed when we have a canine lymphoma patient. We all feel this is a great way to contribute to advancements in canine lymphoma research.
A profile image of Dr. Wendi Velando Rankin, Medical Advisor at ImpriMed, Inc.

Dr. Wendi Velando Rankin

We always keep ImpriMed in our back pocket as a suggestion for all clients with canine lymphoma. 
I would love to see us move in a direction of personalized medicine for all patients and confirm that the probability of this test works out for the patient clinically with their response to the drugs selected. This is helpful specifically in certain situations like a rescue protocol.

I really like it for the refractory and rescue setting, where I have thrown quite a few drugs at the patient and still have lymph nodes to sample. I think there is a great opportunity for us to learn about these resistant patients and which drugs are falling where and which drug to maybe turn to next for the patient.
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Dr. Chelsea Tripp



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We started using [ImpriMed] mostly for our relapsed patients to help stratify our rescue protocols. We've also used it in a couple of new cases.

Dr. Nathaniel C. Myers

ImpriMed provides clinically relevant results and prognostic information. Thanks for providing this excellent clinical service.

Dr. David Heller