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Welcome to the Veterinary Cancer Pioneers Podcast, hosted by Dr. Rachel Venable, a board-certified veterinary medical oncologist. We delve into the groundbreaking work of veterinary professionals who are dedicated to advancing the field of veterinary oncology.

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About the host

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Dr. Venable is a medical oncologist. She obtained her veterinary degree from the University of Missouri and graduated cum laude. After veterinary school, Dr. Venable pursued further training as a small animal intern at the University of Georgia. She then completed her 3 year medical oncology residency at the world renowned Colorado State Flint Animal Cancer Center. During her residency, she achieved a master’s degree and studied new cancer therapies and clinical trials. She continues to seek out clinical trials and cutting edge therapies for her patients. Dr. Venable has authored numerous publications and has been a speaker on local and national levels.She is also a VIN consultant, research consultant, and was an adjunct professor of veterinary oncology at Midwestern University. She is the founder of Pet Cancer Care Consulting, an innovative teleconsulting service which consults with the family vet and pet owner together to give personalized responses and needed information to make an informed decision on treatments. Her oncology philosophy is one of a team-based approach with the family and referring veterinarians for compassionate, individualized care, and optimal quality of life for cancer patients and their families.


Episode 12.

Dr. Chand Khanna | Incubating Scientific Innovation

In this insightful episode of the Veterinary Cancer Pioneers Podcast, Dr. Rachel Venable welcomes the esteemed Dr. Chand Khanna, founder and board chair of Ethos Discovery and a trailblazer in the field of veterinary and human oncology. With a remarkable career spanning academia, research, and clinical practice, Dr. Khanna shares his invaluable perspectives on the art of “communicative medicine” in veterinary oncology. Dr. Khanna provides an exciting update on the groundbreaking research being conducted at Ethos Discovery. He discusses the nationwide randomized prospective clinical trial for splenic hemangiosarcoma, which has already yielded valuable insights challenging conventional wisdom and offering new hope for curative outcomes. Join us to discover how these findings could revolutionize the treatment of canine cancer.

Episode 11.

Dr. Mary Kay Klein | Trials and Triumphs in Oncology

In this compelling episode of the Veterinary Cancer Pioneers Podcast, host Dr. Rachel Venable engages in an inspiring conversation with Dr. Mary Kay Klein, a seasoned veterinary oncologist, educator, and practice owner from Southern Arizona. With decades of experience, Dr. Klein shares insights from her career, emphasizing the importance of clinical trials in advancing veterinary medicine and enhancing patient care. Her dedication to education and mentorship shines through as she discusses the impact of lifelong learning in the veterinary field. This episode not only highlights Dr. Klein’s significant contributions to veterinary oncology but also explores her pioneering role in private practice ownership and her innovative approach to treatment and research. Join us for a journey into the heart of veterinary oncology with one of its most passionate advocates.

Episode 10.

Dr. Philip Bergman | Pioneering Paths in Pet Cancer Care

In this episode of the Veterinary Cancer Pioneers Podcast, host Dr. Rachel Venable chats with Dr. Philip Bergman, known for his work on the Canine Melanoma Vaccine, Oncept®. Dr. Bergman shares his journey from considering a career in dairy practitioner to becoming a key player in the field of veterinary oncology. He talks about his experiences with human cancer research centers, the challenges he faced introducing new cancer treatments in veterinary medicine, and the importance of mentorship. Dr. Bergman also discusses the potential of treatments like checkpoint inhibitors. Get a glimpse into the evolving world of veterinary oncology, the collaboration between human and animal health research, and the practical challenges of making advanced treatments accessible.

Episode 09.

Dr. Pamela Jones | Beyond the Vet Clinic

In this episode of the Veterinary Cancer Pioneers Podcast, Dr. Rachel Venable talks with Dr. Pamela Jones about her path from working as a vet technician to her current role as the Chief Veterinary Officer at QBiotics. Dr. Jones shares insights from her time in clinical practice and the shift to working in the industry, particularly discussing Stelfonta, an innovative injectable mast cell tumor treatment for dogs. She discusses the value of teamwork, making the most of staff skills, and the changing landscape of veterinary roles. Dr. Jones also touches on the importance of exploring different career opportunities in vet medicine. Her story offers practical advice and encouragement for vets at any stage of their career, highlighting the varied possibilities within the field of veterinary oncology.

Episode 08.

Dr. Sarah Boston | Medicine Meets Comedy

In this episode of the Veterinary Cancer Pioneers Podcast, host Dr. Rachel Venable talks with Dr. Sarah Boston, a veterinary surgical oncologist, best-selling author, and comedian. Dr. Boston shares her journey through veterinary medicine, her battle with cancer, and how it inspired her book and her leap into comedy. She discusses the importance of advocacy in patient care and brings humor into the conversation about dealing with difficult situations. Dr. Boston's multifaceted career offers a unique perspective on resilience and the healing power of laughter. Don't miss her insights and stories, which are sure to inspire and entertain.

Episode 07.

Dr. Andi Flory | Multi-cancer Early Detection for Dogs

In this Veterinary Cancer Pioneers Podcast episode, Dr. Rachel Venable interviews Dr. Andy Flory, Chief Medical Officer at PetDx. Dr. Flory shares her journey from a childhood passion for animals to her role in developing OncoK9, a liquid biopsy test for cancer detection in pets. She discusses the large-scale clinical trials of OncoK9, its ability to detect various cancers with low false positives, and its applications in both pre-diagnosis and post-diagnosis. Dr. Flory emphasizes the importance of ongoing research and publications in veterinary medicine and offers advices for veterinarians considering a transition to industry.

Episode 06.

Dr. Craig Clifford | Bridging Clinical Practice and Oncology Research

In this podcast episode, Dr. Rachel Venable interviews renowned veterinary medical oncologist Dr. Craig Clifford. Dr. Clifford discusses his hybrid approach of combining clinical practice with academic pursuits. He emphasizes the importance of teamwork in clinical trials, highlighting their role in advancing veterinary medicine and providing opportunities for staff development. Dr. Clifford also discusses the challenges and ethical considerations in conducting clinical trials, including the need for alignment with practice principles and providing benefits to participants. He addresses the evolution of oncology treatments, like checkpoint inhibitors, and the significance of collaboration among veterinarians.

Episode 05.

Dr. MJ Hamilton | Starting the First Mobile Veterinary Oncology Practice in the World

In this engaging episode of the Veterinary Cancer Pioneers Podcast, host Dr. Rachel Venable interviews Dr. MJ Hamilton, a visionary in the field of veterinary oncology renowned for creating the first mobile oncology practice. Dr. Hamilton shares his path from an undergraduate degree in psychology to pioneering mobile cancer treatment for animals. His innovative approach includes a fully-equipped mobile clinic and the founding of Private Veterinary Oncology Consulting, which helps other veterinary oncologists to start and run their own mobile oncology service. And founding of Veterinary Oncology Partners, which provides teleconsultation services. This episode delves into the challenges and triumphs of mobile veterinary oncology and his passion for providing accessible, high-quality cancer care.

Episode 04.

Dr. Gregory Ogilvie | Championing Compassionate Cancer Care with Science

In this inspiring episode of the Veterinary Cancer Pioneers Podcast, we're honored to host Dr. Greg Ogilvie, an esteemed veterinary oncologist with a passion for healing and innovation. Dr. Ogilvie shares his unique journey from a free-spirited childhood in Colorado to becoming a key influencer in veterinary medicine. He discusses his groundbreaking work, the importance of compassionate care, and exciting advancements in cancer treatment. Tune in for an enlightening conversation that bridges the gap between human and veterinary oncology, and underscores the profound bond between animals and humans.

Episode 03.

Dr. Carolyn Henry | From Practicing Vet to Leading Dean

In this podcast episode, Dr. Rachel Venable interviews Dr. Carolyn Henry, the first woman to serve as Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Missouri. Dr. Henry shares her professional journey, which includes transitioning from small animal and emergency medicine to specializing in oncology and later taking on significant roles in veterinary education and administration. She emphasizes her passion for solving medical mysteries and advocates for embracing change in one's career. Dr. Henry also delves into several current and contentious topics in veterinary medicine, such as telemedicine, mid-level practitioners, and advancements in oncology. Moreover, she imparts valuable leadership insights, promoting diversity of thought and highlighting the importance of servant leadership for aspiring leaders.

Episode 02.

Dr. Betsy Hershey | Holistic All-in-One Oncology

Dr. Hershey discusses her journey in veterinary oncology, initially driven by a desire to explore more supportive treatments beyond conventional therapies. She navigates the challenges of recommending supplements and emphasizing reliance on reputable sources. Her training in acupuncture and holistic therapies at the Chi Institute underpins her commitment to continuous learning and collaboration with colleagues. She explores the evolving landscape of veterinary oncology, incorporating new diagnostic tools. Notably, she shares her experience with personalized treatment adjustments based on predictions for non-CHOP responders and the potential of these innovations to improve patient outcomes.

Episode 01.

Dr. Kevin Choy | Innovations in Veterinary Oncology

In this episode, join us as we delve into the world of veterinary oncology with Dr. Kevin Choy, a board-certified veterinary medical oncologist at BluePearl Seattle Veterinary Partners. Dr. Choy shares his journey and the pivotal role mentors played in shaping his career. Dive into the world of cutting-edge research, where we discuss the evolving landscape of diagnostics, artificial intelligence, and emerging therapeutics. Discover the transformative potential of personalized medicine for pets and humans alike, as we uncover the impact of data-driven decisions on treatment efficacy. Join us for an illuminating conversation that highlights the challenges, triumphs, and promising horizons of veterinary oncology.