To empower clinicians and help patients with the best predictive information for personalized cancer care


Profile image of ImpriMed's Co-founders, Sungwon Lim and Jamin Koo

ImpriMed co-founders Sungwon Lim and Jamin Koo met as undergraduates and discovered a shared passion for developing advanced technologies to improve the treatment of disease.  Both went on to complete PhDs in engineering sciences at Stanford University, where they decided to launch a startup company to tackle one of the greatest challenges in human disease: cancer.  

In 2017, Sungwon and Jamin founded ImpriMed to provide immediate solutions for cancer patients who need effective treatments today.

Rather than focusing on the development of new drugs for future patients, they built a platform that enables oncologists to quickly identify which of the available drugs can provide the best clinical outcomes for current patients. The ImpriMed platform combines quantitative high-throughput lab testing and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide healthcare providers with a comprehensive personalized drug prediction profile. Our AI models are trained using ImpriMed’s proprietary database of real-world clinical outcomes and a suite of lab tests that include our innovative ex vivo drug sensitivity assay that measures how a patient’s live tumor cells respond to a panel of anticancer drugs.  

A female veterinarian examining her canine patient
A black labrador retriever dog is licking his parent

We first launched the ImpriMed platform in the veterinary oncology space which moves at a significantly higher speed than the human oncology market and allows easy access to comprehensive patient data. ImpriMed has helped 200+ veterinary oncologists in 30 states to deliver personalized treatments to their canine lymphoma and leukemia patients. Apart from providing veterinarians with a cutting-edge tool to help man’s best friend, ImpriMed’s experience in the veterinary market has paved the way for the company to launch its validated platform into the human oncology space.

At ImpriMed, we are saving pet cancer patients now, and we will save pet parents next!

Our Team

A profile image of Sungwon Lim, CEO & Co-Founder at ImpriMed, Inc.
Co-Founder & CEO
Board Director

Sungwon Lim

A profile image of Jamin Koo, Director & Co-Founder at ImpriMed, Inc.
Co-Founder & CTO
Board Director

Jamin Koo

A profile image of Mary Ocnean, Vice President of Commercial Operations at ImpriMed, Inc.
Vice President,
Commercial Operations

Mary Ocnean

Profile image of Ilona Holcomb, Director of Bioscience at ImpriMed, Inc.
Director, Bioscience

Ilona Holcomb

A profile image of Josephine Tsang, Senior Research Associate at ImpriMed, Inc.
Research Scientist

Josephine Tsang

A profile image of Stanley Park, Business Operations Manager at ImpriMed, Inc.
Senior Business Operations Manager

Stanley Park

A profile image of Deanna Swartzfager, Veterinary Medical Assistant at ImpriMed, Inc.
Veterinary Medical Assistant

Deanna Swartzfager

Profile photo of Melody Jung
Senior Product Designer

Melody Jung

A profile image of Heeju Choi, Software Engineer at ImpriMed, Inc.
Software Engineer

Heeju Choi

A profile image of Sheena Kapoor, Research Associate at ImpriMed, Inc.
Senior Research Associate

Sheena Kapoor

A profile image of Hojin Nam, Software Engineer at ImpriMed, Inc.
Senior Software Engineer / Manager

Hojin Nam

Profile image of Collin Cavanuagh
Senior Sales Manager

Collin H. Cavanaugh

Profile photo of Jerry Cromarty
Laboratory Manager / Veterinary Specialist

Jerry Cromarty

Profile image of Murad Durrani
Software Engineer

Murad Durrani

Profile image of Sushmita Sen
Research Associate

Sushmita Sen

Profile image of Jack Lee
Business Operations Analyst

Jack Lee

Profile image of Minh Bui
Business Operations Associate

Minh Bui

QJ Yap - Data Scientist at ImpriMed, Inc.
Data Scientist

Qi Jing Yap

Profile photo of Elizabeth Johnston
Marketing & Customer Support Assistant

Elizabeth Johnston

Profile photo of Jun Liang Lee
Business Operations

Jun Liang Lee

Profile photo of Yunan Tang
Marketing Coordinator

Yunan Tang

Profile photo of Sonia Aguilera
Senior Quality Laboratory Technician

Sonia Aguilera

Profile photo of Kalyn Concepcion
Laboratory Technician

Kalyn Concepcion

Profile Photo of Mitch Buntemeyer
Senior Sales Manager

Mitch Buntemeyer

Profile Photo of Long Nguyen Tan
Software Engineer

Long Nguyen Tan

Profile photo of Stefano Rupp
Laboratory Technician

Stefano Rupp

Profile photo of Suhyeon Cho
Bioscience Intern

Suhyeon Cho

Senior Sales Manager

Kristin White

advisors & board directors

A profile image of Douglas H. Thamm, Scientific/Medical Advisor at ImpriMed, Inc.
Scientific/Medical Advisor

Douglas H. Thamm

VMD, DACVIM (Oncology)

Colorado State University

Barbara Cox Anthony Professor of Oncology
A profile image of Dr. Wendi Velando Rankin, Medical Advisor at ImpriMed, Inc.
Medical Advisor

Wendi Velando Rankin

DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)


Chief Medical Officer
A profile image of Carlos Bustamante, Scientific Advisory Board at ImpriMed, Inc.
Scientific Advisory Board

Carlos Bustamante


Stanford University
School of Medicine

A profile image of Sean McDonald, Business Advisor & Board Director at ImpriMed, Inc.
Business Advisor & Board Director

Sean McDonald



President & CEO
Profile Photo of Jay Choi, Principal at SoftBank Ventures
Board Director

Jay Choi

SoftBank Ventures

Partner, Investment Division


A profile image of Dr. Kevin Choy, Medical Oncology Consultant at ImpriMed, Inc.
Medical Oncology Consultant

Kevin Choy

DVM, MS, DACVIM (Oncology)
Profile photo of Dr. Rachel Venable, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Oncology)
Medical Oncology Consultant

Rachel Venable

DVM, MS, DACVIM (Oncology)
A profile image of Dr. Robert Barthel, Software Engineer Consultant at ImpriMed, Inc.
Veterinary Science Consultant

Robert Barthel



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