Canine Cancer: Mast cell tumor

We are conducting a study on canine mast cell tumors to evaluate their cells and their response to specific chemotherapy drugs.

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Brief Summary

Currently Enrolling (Last Update: May 2024)

    ImpriMed is seeking clinical research partners to collect live cancer cells from canine mast cell tumors. At this time, we are not providing any reports or predictions to our participating research partners. CBC and blood chemistry data are available upon request.

    Patient type

    We are requesting the samples from:

    Canine patients with suspected mast cell tumors

    Sample requirements

    For each patient, we request all of the following:

    Solid tumor sample and/or fine needle aspirates of the affected organ put into our proprietary media transport tubes and overnighted to our lab in Mountain View, CA
    2ml whole blood in an EDTA tube
    1ml serum in an Eppendorf tube (plastic or microcentrifuge tube) – please centrifuge the blood and withdraw serum only prior to sending to our lab

    Sample Submission

    If you have not already, please register for access to our Vet Portal by clicking HERE. At the top of the page, hover over ‘Samples’ -> Select ‘MCT Pilot Study’ from the drop-down.

    Please ensure all participating pet owners sign the consent form to allow us to use their dog’s sample for research.

    Why Participate?

    One of the many benefits of AI-led diagnostics like ImpriMed is the ability to be constantly developing and improving based on the clinical outcomes of existing cases. This approach to the evolution of the assay improves the accuracy and applicability for all returning and future patients.

    We will be reaching out to all clients 3-5 months after sampling to request data on which treatment courses were ultimately used and how the patient responded to compare how closely the predictions aligned with the clinical outcomes.

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    Sign up Here

    To get started, fill out the form and we will send you our proprietary transport media tubes to your clinic.

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