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ImpriMed co-founders Sungwon Lim and Jamin Koo met as undergraduates and discovered a shared passion for developing advanced technologies to improve the treatment of disease.  Both went on to complete PhDs in engineering sciences at Stanford University, where they decided to launch a startup company to tackle one of the greatest challenges in human disease: cancer.  

In 2017, Sungwon and Jamin founded ImpriMed to provide immediate solutions for cancer patients who need effective treatments today.

Rather than focusing on the development of new drugs for future patients, they built a platform that enables oncologists to quickly identify which of the available drugs can provide the best clinical outcomes for current patients. The ImpriMed platform combines quantitative high-throughput lab testing and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide healthcare providers with a comprehensive personalized drug prediction profile. Our AI models are trained using ImpriMed’s proprietary database of real-world clinical outcomes and a suite of lab tests that include our innovative ex vivo drug sensitivity assay that measures how a patient’s live tumor cells respond to a panel of anticancer drugs.  

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We first launched the ImpriMed platform in the veterinary oncology space which moves at a significantly higher speed than the human oncology market and allows easy access to comprehensive patient data. ImpriMed has helped 200+ veterinary oncologists in 30 states to deliver personalized treatments to their canine lymphoma and leukemia patients. Apart from providing veterinarians with a cutting-edge tool to help man’s best friend, ImpriMed’s experience in the veterinary market has paved the way for the company to launch its validated platform into the human oncology space.

At ImpriMed, we are saving pet cancer patients now, and we will save pet parents next!

Our Milestones

  • ImpriMed incorporated
  • Selected to the Pear VC's Garage incubator program
  • Filed 1st patent
  • Raised $4M Seed round led by Draper Associates
  • Opened ImpriMed Korea office
  • Selected to the StartX accelerator program
  • Established the IMPRIMED-V Assay collecting various phenotypic data from canine lymphoma patients
  • Achieved the 100th canine patient sample data
  • Established solid and balanced Bioscience and Data Science teams
  • Received the Korea Venture Accreditation
  • Admitted to the Seoul Startup Hub
  • Presented the first clinical data at the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM)
  • Introduced the IMPRIMED-V assay at the Veterinary Cancer Society Annual Conference
  • Raised $8M Pre-Series A round
  • Acquired IRB approval for the R&D on precision medicine technology for human blood cancer
  • Received a research grant ($370,000) from the Seoul Business Administration
  • Filed 2nd patent
  • Achieved 2,000+ veterinary services provided
  • Published 1st artificial intelligence modeling paper in Veterinary and Comparative Oncology
  • Won the 1st prize winner of Spotlight on Startup Pitch Competition at The 4th Annual Ascent Conference
  • Won 4th place in the AI model development national competition held by the Ministry of Science and ICT in Korea
  • Received the research grant ($280,000) from the National Industry Promotion Agency
  • Nominated as one of the Top 100 Korea AI Startups
  • Filed 3rd patent titled Predicting Clinical Outcome or Prognosis of Cancer Treatment based on Machine Learning
  • Received a research grant ($80,000) from the National Research Foundation of Korea
  • Launched first ImpriMed personalized medicine service in the veterinary oncology market in the US
  • Published 2nd AI modeling paper in Veterinary Sciences
  • Became a member of the Nestle Purina PetCare Innovation
  • Signed MOU with The Catholic University Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital
  • Selected to the Mayo Clinic Platform Accelerate 2022
  • Presenting our AI precision medicine technology for newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients at the International Myeloma Society 2022
  • Provided the services to 3,000+ canine blood cancer patients
  • Won the Audience Choice Award of Technology Innovation Showcase at the Animal Health, Nutrition, and Technology Innovation Conference Europe
ImpriMed is bringing together our expertise in humans and canines to accelerate the development of AI-driven personalized medicine solutions for all cancer patients.

Human Oncology Pipeline

Precision medicine services for individual blood cancer patients and CRO services for pharmaceutical companies screening a successful drug candidate

Tech Development
Clinical Study
Innovative Tech Approval
Multiple myeloma (MM) treatment selection
Acute myeloid leukemia treatment selection
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma treatment selection
Rheumatoid arthritis treatment selection
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma treatment selection
Multiple myeloma (MM) treatment selection
Acute myeloid leukemia treatment selection
Antibody drug conjugates screening and ex vivo efficacy test
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma treatment selection
Multiple myeloma (MM) treatment selection
Acute myeloid leukemia treatment selection
Antibody drug conjugates screening and ex vivo efficacy test
Plan by Q3 of 2024


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