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ImpriMed clients are living happier lives through personalized anticancer therapy treatments.

A girl is holding her dog, giving a kiss
Gabby, an English Bulldog, who received ImpriMed-aided chemotherapy

Knowing the best drug to use after CHOP failed meant it saved a lot of time. Despite the side effects, Gabby is doing very well and is still in remission, the blood work is good and Gabby is eating well! Hang in there, that’s my advice. It is tough to hear the diagnosis, and tough to be positive, but so long as there is hope it gets easier, make sure you have a positive to hang on to.

Donna L.

Gabby's Mom
Image of Sue and Ellie the dog together

ImpriMed made us feel more confident in our choices, and gave us peace of mind. It’s been 6 months. We just had a check-up, and Ellie’s doing really well! The drugs make her hungry, but then again, she always did live to eat! … I’m so pleased this advancement is taking place. Having a solid tool to base decisions on is essential. We’ve been rescuing animals for 30 years, and it’s such a positive to see these innovations become available.

Sue H.

Ellie's Mom
Image of Mary Ellen and Skye the dog together

When Skye was diagnosed with lymphoma I joined a group on Facebook, and someone told me about ImpriMed. It was helpful to know what we were dealing with, and which treatments would be his best bet. The data, the detail in the report, it was all very helpful…

Mary M.

Skye's Mom