Ellie's Story: Battling High Grade Aggressive T-cell Lymphoma

Ellie is a Chihuahua Terrier Mix who defeated t-cell lymphoma
  • Age | 11 years 6 months
  • Breed | Chihuahua Terrier Mix
  • Immunophenotype | High grade T-cell lymphoma
  • FNA from Dr. Kevin Choy at Seattle Veterinary Specialists, BluePearl Veterinary Partners (Kirkland, WA)
  • Ellie’s ImpriMed Personalized Prediction Profile delivered on June 5, 2019


Ellie’s FNA sample was taken at the hospital and delivered to the ImpriMed lab. We then used Ellie’s live cancer cells to identify the subtype of the disease. Afterwards, we ran our ImpriMed lab test to find the chemotherapy drugs that are most effective against Ellie’s cancer cells, along with identification of her cancer’s immunophenotype. Dr. Choy was able to confidently select the most suitable chemotherapeutic agent for Ellie based on ImpriMed Personalized Prediction Profile.

Veterinarian’s Note

I did convince the parents to use a traditionally less effective oral chemotherapy (Chlorambucil) for a high grade aggressive lymphoma, which should not normally work, but as it was identified on the ImpriMed platform we decided to give it a try as it was an inexpensive pill. While I would expect most dogs on steroid only palliation to live 1-2 months, she is now in remission >6 months out!

Dr. Kevin Choy, BSc, BVSc, MS, DACVIM (O)

Pet Parent Testimonial

ImpriMed made us feel more confident in our choices, and gave us peace of mind. It’s been 6 months. We just had a check-up, and Ellie’s doing really well! The drugs make her hungry, but then again, she always did live to eat! ... I’m so pleased this advancement is taking place. Having a solid tool to base decisions on is essential. We’ve been rescuing animals for 30 years, and it’s such a positive to see these innovations become available.

Sue H., Ellie’s Mom