Yoki's Story: Achieving Remission 3 Times Within 3 Years

Yoki, a chow chow mix, achieved remission 4 times within 3 years
  • Age | 10 years 2 months
  • Breed | Chow Chow Mix
  • Immunophenotype | B-cell lymphoma
  • FNA from Dr. Kevin Choy at Seattle Veterinary Specialists, BluePearl Veterinary Partners (Kirkland, WA)
  • Yoki’s ImpriMed Personalized PredictionProfile delivered on September 27, 2019 and August 6, 2020.
  • Yoki has experienced multiple remissions and enjoyed more than 2.5 years with her family since being diagnosed with lymphoma.


Yoki is a people-loving darling! He is such a friendly dog. When Denise and her family first met Yoki at the rescue, they could not believe how well-mannered he was! He loves the backyard and running around or just being outside playing. Yoki also loves to go on car rides and even boat rides. He is very loyal and protective of his family, who he loves to hang out with.

Denise took Yoki to her local vet because he was coughing, sneezing, and had a slightly decreased appetite and activity level, so she was worried. At his local vet, enlarged lymph nodes were discovered and further testing confirmed lymphoma, a type of immune system cancer.

Denise’s primary care veterinarian referred Yoki to a veterinary medical oncologist, a type of specialist that treats cancer in animals, where they met Dr. Choy. And ever since then, Yoki’s mom relied heavily on Dr. Choy’s recommendations for treating Yoki. Dr. Choy mentioned that there is a NEW test from ImpriMed to identify which drug will be most effective for Yoki, and Yoki’s mom went for it every single time. Dr. Choy has run the ImpriMed service twice on Yoki, at the first visit and after the third relapse, to help support rescue therapy decision making.

Veterinarian’s Note

I have been working with ImpriMed for over 3 years now and have seen their continued advancements on improving their diagnostic platform, both initially during Yoki’s initial diagnosis of lymphoma and during his relapse for 2nd and 3rd line therapies. ImpriMed has helped guide us in the selection of rescue protocols that are predicted to be most effective - this has Yoki go back into subsequent remissions much longer than typically expected. Yoki is now just over 2.5 years from his diagnosis, and I genuinely believe that ImpriMed was a large part of his success story.

Dr. Kevin Choy, BSc, BVSc, MS, DACVIM (O)

Pet Parent Testimonial

The ImpriMed test helped us make treatment decisions with Dr. Choy. It was tremendously helpful for us. We would recommend ImpriMed to other pet parents. Veterinarians are experts in this field; we heavily relied on our Dr. Choy to make treatment decisions for Yoki. We are confident in the treatment Yoki is getting and are happy for the time we are getting to spend with him.

Denise L., Yoki’s Mom