Gabby's Story: Living with Positivity and Hope

Gabby, an English Bulldog, was diagnosed with b-cell lymphoma
  • Age | 6 years 2 months
  • Breed | English Bulldog
  • Immunophenotype | Multicentric High Grade Large B-cell Lymphoma
  • FNA from Dr. Kevin Choy at Seattle Veterinary Specialists, BluePearl Veterinary Partners (Kirkland, WA)
  • Gabby’s ImpriMed Personalized Prediction Profile delivered on September 1, 2021


Gabby is a typical English bulldog, she is (according to her mom) fat and lazy, loves to eat! In May of 2021, Gabby had just turned 6 years, Gabby’s mom said she just started losing weight and she and her husband noticed swollen glands under her neck, so they made an appointment with the local veterinarian suspecting something was wrong. It took about 3 weeks to get the appointment and diagnosis, by this time it was June and Gabby’s mom was told that Gabby had B-cell lymphoma.

With everything going on in the veterinary community and limited visits due to COVID-19, it was a while before Gabby got in to see an oncologist. It wasn’t until August that Gabby got to meet Dr. Choy.

Veterinarian's Note

As with most patients with her form of lymphoma we started standard of care therapy with traditional chemotherapy-based protocols (CHOP). Unfortunately, Gabby did not respond to her initial chemotherapy protocol and relapsed within the first 3 to 4 treatments. To help determine the next best treatment option for her, we submitted samples of her tumor to ImpriMed to test Gabby’s cancer cells against multiple drugs to see which drug would be best for Gabby. Based on the ImpriMed Personalized Prediction Profile, I prescribed rabacfosadine (Tanovea®) the highest predicted drug for Gabby, which elicited an excellent response but was discontinued early. Thankfully at the time she was in complete remission, and we were able to stop treatment early and transition to monitoring.

Dr. Kevin Choy, BSc, BVSc, MS, DACVIM (O)

Pet Parent Testimonial

Knowing the best drug to use after CHOP failed, meant it saved a lot of time. Despite the side effects, Gabby is doing very well and is still in remission, the blood work is good and Gabby is eating well! Hang in there, that’s my advice. It is tough to hear the diagnosis, and tough to be positive, but so long as there is hope is gets easier, make sure you have a positive to hang on to.

Donna L., Gabby’s Mom