Gucci’s Story: Maintaining Quality of Life and Novel Treatments

Photo of Gucci the American Pit Bull Terrier, received ImpriMed's Personalized Prediction Profile report
  • Age | 7 years 2 months
  • Breed | American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Immunophenotype | B-cell lymphoproliferative disease
  • FNA from Dr. Joseph Impellizeri at Veterinary Oncology Services at Guardian Veterinary Specialists (Brewster, NY)
  • Gucci’s ImpriMed Personalized Prediction Profile delivered on July 22, 2021


Gucci is a sassy American Pit Bull Terrier who was rescued two years ago. In July 2021, Gucci’s dad noticed lumps about the size of golf balls on Gucci’s neck, then Gucci stopped eating, and that is when Gucci’s dad made an appointment to see their veterinarian on July 14, 2021.

During that visit, the veterinarian did a test that came back as lymphoma. Gucci’s general veterinarian recommended a few oncologists, and Gucci’s dad called around until he found the oncologist that could offer the most treatment options for lymphoma.

Veterinarian’s Note

I utilized a special type of test for Gucci, the ImpriMed assay. Gucci’s FNA sample was taken at the hospital and shipped to the ImpriMed Lab in California the next day. ImpriMed used Gucci’s cells to run molecular tests such as PARR and Flow cytometry as well as a newer test using AI to identify chemotherapy drugs that are most effective against Gucci’s cancer cells. ImpriMed also tested to determine the specific type of Gucci’s lymphoma. Gucci was started immediately on a CHOP protocol with telomerase immunotherapy and after 24 weeks was followed with ACT (adoptive T-cell). 3 symbiotic treatments battling the cancer through different pathways.

Dr. Joseph Impellizeri, DVM, DACVIM (O), MRCVS

Pet Parent Testimonial

Gucci seems to be stronger than ever. I trust Dr. Impellizeri always to do the best for Gucci. Her quality of life during treatment never decreased as they told me it would not. Today, Gucci is happy, going on her 4 walks daily and eating her occasional treat of 4 hamburgers! I am confident in the treatment Gucci received, and I am happy for the time I am getting to spend with her.

Sheldon G., Gucci’s Dad